Disc Golf Course Development

If you are looking to bring Disc Golf to your community / school / region, we can help! We work with all manufacturers to get you the best prices & products to ensure you have everything you need to help grow the sport!

Whether you're looking for a 6-hole pop-up course, 9-hole permanent, or 18-hole championship-level course, we will get you the best pricing available and can put you in touch with experts to help you with everything you need.

We would love to help you grow Disc Golf in your community!

For more info, contact info@discrepublic.ca. Permanent basket options are not listed on our website. For best pricing please contact us and we will provide you the best pricing based on the needs of your Disc Golf community.

Example "Ace Place" course layout by Innova, designed for both safety and space efficiency
"Ace Place" course design by Innova