Lowest Price Guarantee

Our goal is to bring you the best plastic at the best prices. If you see a lower advertised price in Canada, let us know and we will match their price!


  • Must provide proof of lower advertised price (website link)
  • Item must be in stock at the Canadian retailer advertising the lower price
  • Compared price must be a regular price item
    • eg. Can not be compared to Black Friday Door Crasher pricing
  • Additional discounts/sales do not apply after a price has been matched
  • Price match must be requested within 24 hours of placing your order.

Example 1

  • Store XYZ has Super Distance Driver for $19.99 CAD while Disc Republic sells this item for $22.49.
  • Contact info@discrepublic.ca providing a link to the $19.99 CAD priced item
  • We will review the request and if price matching is approved then we would ask you to place your order for us to refund the difference in pricing.