The Ultimate Frisbee Golfer - Bailey J. Armstrong

Hello to all of you out there, I am Bailey and I disc golf! Disc golf has been a lovely development in my life for the last few years. For as long as I can remember, I've always been athletically inclined. I played a variety of sports growing up: soccer, softball, basketball, badminton and ultimate frisbee. The last sport on my list, ultimate frisbee, has been a large portion of my life for over a decade. I have played on a rather ridiculous amount of teams in that time and my dedication to becoming a better player has resulted in many amazing opportunities. I have played at tournaments all over North America and even have had the opportunity to play in two World Ultimate Club Championships. I am generally a handler on my teams which is similar to the quarterback in a football game. I throw a lot of passes and sometimes I even have been known to "huck bombs" or in other words, throw far down the field for one of my teammates to catch.


The ability to push myself to be better has always been the driving factor in my sports endeavours. So now, due to the uncertainty of Covid and the toll playing ultimate 5 times a week took on my body, I have decided to turn my attentions for the time being towards another disc sport. Disc golf is a great way to socialize, stay active and compete with a familiar piece of plastic. My favourite part about disc golf is the friends you can make along the way. Going into every casual game or tournament, you will get to meet great people who share a similar love of the game.

That being said, I am such an ultimate frisbee player at heart that I see the game through the eyes of that sport. For example: a Hyzer for me is usually an IO (inside-out) bandhand. Comparitivly an an-Hyzer is a OI (outside-in) backhand. Due to how engrained this vocabulary is in my brain, I find it hard to use or remember disc golf terms. One of my goals this year is to continue my learning of all things disc golf including:


  • What do the terms Overstable and Understable really mean?
  • What do the numbers on the discs signify?

Disc Selection

  • How to choose what disc for what distance?
  • How to choose what disc for windy days?


  • How can I improve my distance?
  • Forehand throws - How do they really work?
  • Roller throws - Is it worth it?

Getting Started

Now for all of you pandemic ultimate frisbee players, I would like to share my favourite discs from my bag that I find are compatible with an ultimate background. By this, I mean discs that fly similar to ultimate frisbee discs or discs that can be manipulated easily for newer players.

My first disc that has been a staple in my bag since I began playing is the Dynamic Discs Evidence. This is a mid range disc that flies straight and then has a nice left curve at the end of the flight. I use this after I'm done my drive when I need to approach the basket. Unfortunately, Dynamic Discs has stopped making them so I have a small stockpile in my basement! Last I checked Disc Republic still had a couple in stock so grab them while you can! Otherwise, one of the most common discs that flies like a frisbee is the Innova Mako3 and I have one of those in my bags at all times. This is also a mid range disc and it comes in a variety of plastics, weights and colours!

Dynamic Discs Fuzion Evidence Innova 2021 Tour Series Swirled Star Mako3

Secondly, if you are frisbee player who likes to throw some hucks, well, luckily disc golf incorporates this aspect into it's game too! For my super long shots, I use lighter weight discs like the Latitude 64 Opto Diamond. Because it is lighter and has a nice thinner rim, it cuts through the air and flies very far. I have recorded my longest throws with this particular disc. Other drivers I like are the Innova DX Leopard, Axiom Virus and Latitude 64 Opto Sapphire.

Latitude 64 Opto Diamond Innova DX Leopard Latitude 64 Gold Sapphire

Finally if you are looking for a putter, I haven't really met one I didn't like. I currently bag a variety of Axiom Envys because I like the difference between the rim and the rest of the disc. They fly similar to a frisbee as well, with a slight fade left at the end too! I also use Innova DX Birdies and I have since I started. They are like little thick-rimmed plates and they have been useful for me while putting in the wind.

Axiom Envy Innova DX Birdie

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll follow me in the process as I continue to learn and grow as an ultimate frisbee golfer!

- Bailey J. Armstrong (@armstrong.discgolf)

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