Flight Numbers Explained

Original content from the Innova Discs YouTube Channel.

As you progress with form and overall game, it's also important to further your understanding of your discs. The Innova Flight Ratings System was designed by Dave Dunipace in 2008 as a way to describe a discs intended flight. Here, Nate Sexton breaks down these flight numbers and also covers the difference between overstable and understable discs.

Flight Ratings are broken into four main categories: Speed, Glide, Turn, & Fade. These characteristics can be used to rate various aspects of each disc’s flight. Each disc has a distinct "personality"; the flight path that makes that disc unique. Flight Ratings can be used to compare Innova golf discs to each other. Other companies have adopted a similar system, but it’s important to note that flight ratings shouldn’t be used to compare discs between brands since each company rates discs differently. We have over 90 disc models to satisfy a wide range of players and throwing techniques. To learn more about what each of these characteristics mean, refer to the descriptions below. Flight Ratings are based on right hand backhand (RHBH) throws.

More info on the Innova Flight Ratings System: