Buzzz GT

Z Metallic, 2022 Ledgestone Edition




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Speed 5, Glide 4, Turn -1, Fade 1, Stability 0.5 | The Buzzz is one of the most loved molds ever and this particular variation of the Buzzz has a cult like following. The Buzzz GT or Buzzz Groove Track has the same wing profile as the traditional mold but with the patented Groove Track. It is a unique but great feeling disc that players will love as your grip sits comfortably in the track. The Tour Series swirls are some of the best looking swirls in the game.

2022 Ledgestone Edition:  We ran a very limited number of Buzzz GT's in Discraft's special Z Metallic plastic to support the 2022 Ledgestone event. The Buzzz GT is an out of production midrange that is very similar in flight to the Buzzz. The Buzzz GT has the Buzzz mold with the groove track on top, similar to the Banger GT. Get your hands on a limited, out of production mold while supplies last. This was part of a very limited run of 1500.

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