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Finnish Stamp Eagle McMahon Horizon Cloud Breaker – The Cloud Breaker is one of the most loved releases every year and this year is one of the best yet! The new Horizon plastic looks amazing and has a solid feel in the hand. Eagle McMahon has been loving the new Cloud Breaker, bombing it all over the course. It is a disc that will handle power very well and get plenty of distance with enough stability to control. Make sure you pick up an Eagle McMahon Horizon Cloud Breaker today.

Discmania says this about the mold: “Gaze into the horizon and prepare to break the clouds! Eagle’s choice for maximum distance shots helps you elevate your drive game to a whole new level. Players with more arm speed and power will be able to trust the Cloud Breaker in all conditions and use it as their main distance driver, both with forehand and backhand throws. Those with a bit less power or are still developing their skills can still take advantage of the good stability and glide that this disc offers. Our iconic distance driver is now available in the eye catching Horizon plastic! The Horizon plastic offers a great grip and fantastic durability.”

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