CoolZÜCA Cooler



The CoolZÜCA Cooler has been designed to complement the ZÜCA rolling product line by fitting neatly on top of the seat and attaching securely to the telescoping handle. CoolZÜCA will hold an entire case of standard 12oz beverage cans. It has a high-tech aluminized mylar heat shield which somehow knows how to keep stuff hot or cold and a closed-cell polyethylene thermal barrier. A zip-in liner can be removed for washing and keeps the CoolZÜCA from leaking (as long as it is upright). The insulated removable floor panel allows the CoolZÜCA to fold up, and provides a shelf when needed to keep food away from wet cans and ice. The hatch opens for easy access in or out of the ZÜCA. Includes slings and shoulder strap.

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