R2 Eclipse Blue Glow Rim - "Glitsch" - MVP / Simon Lizotte / Powergrip Collab Series - Lab 2nd

Misprint Glow

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Speed 1, Glide 7, Turn 0, Fade 0 | Glide is enabled and the target is locked. The simulation is still holding, let’s launch in t-minus 3, 2 … wait, Captain! These numbers are off the charts, this can’t be right, we’re reaching unheard of levels here. It has to be a Glitch! 

"Glitsch" MVP / Simon Lizotte / Powergrip Collab Series:  “And we have the Glitch! You’ll notice there’s an “s” that we added because the Glitsch is actually a German word and it translates into slippery… kinda sorta. Or like sliding over something is to “glitsch”. I thought it was the perfect fit.” - Simon Lizotte

The first collaboration between MVP Disc Sports, Simon Lizotte, and his official retail sponsor Powergrip is here! With the Glitch being one of Simon’s absolute favorite discs (even listed as one of the top 10 reasons he wanted to join Team MVP), it was a no-brainer for the first collaboration disc to be a Glitch that could be special for not only Simon, but fans around the world.

To make this collaboration memorable, we wanted to kick it up to the next level. R2 Neutron Glitch? Ok, that’s a good start. R2 Neutron Glitch with an Eclipse rim? This is getting good! R2 Neutron Glitch with a BLUE GLOW Eclipse rim? BOOM! Add in a special stamp with personal meaning for Simon and we think this will be one of the most memorable collaborations to date. Don’t miss your chance to get this piece of history, they’ll be gone before you know it!

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