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The D2 has been a must-have in the Prodigy lineup since its release as one of the furthest flying, reliable discs on the market. Now, the D2 Max will serve as a great compliment, touting the same reliability for maximum power drives while sporting a slightly shallower rim and slimmer profile for a comfortable grip so you'll always feel confident in your release.

With increased speed and glide, the D2 Max will serve as a go-to option for maximum distance shots that will push the boundaries of your power game. The D2 will still be produced to help continue to fight windy conditions and boom down the fairway alongside the D2 Max.

AIR Spectrum

  -  AIR Spectrum is a line of premium, lightweight discs. They are engineered for the same shot performance of their heavier counterparts with added glide. AIR Spectrum combines the innovative technology of our AIR Plastic with the beautiful processing technique of Spectrum. This allows you to throw a wide selection of your favorite Prodigy Disc molds, in lighter weights with an amazing look and feel.
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