Innova DISCatcher Mini Target

Disc Golf Basket


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A Mini Disc Golf Basket makes disc golf possible practically anywhere. At a fraction of the size of a regular disc golf basket, Our Innova Mini DISCatcher is the ideal target for catching the mini discs in your collection. Looks just like the real thing only smaller!

Set up the disc golf mini basket in the yard and construct miniature holes. Or, bring it inside (away from breakables, of course) for some mini disc putting. Great for rainy days when you still wanna disc!

Mini Disc Golf Basket Specs:  All-metal construction
Measurements:  28” Tall | 12” Base Diameter | 12.5” Basket Diameter | 11” Top Diameter


  • 18 steel chains
  • Deep basket is great for mini storage
  • Easy assembly. No tools required


  • Ever played Mini Disc Golf? Set up several Mini DISCatchers for a Mini Disc Golf Course. It puts a whole new spin on the game
  • Unique event trophy
  • Perfect introduction to disc golf for children

** The DISCatcher Mini Target is not intended to be left outdoors. Avoid exposure to rain.

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