InZone Kwik Stik Mini



The Kwik-Stik Mini is a great tool to keep in the bag. It is perfect for retrieving discs from creeks, trees, briars, poison ivy, over a fence, in mud, etc. The mini is a simple, compact tool you will never want to be without. The mini now only includes the simple "round hook" washer head.

Reaches up to 13′ (actual length 10′) but collapses down to just 16 inches
Small and light and made of the same surgical stainless steel as the XL version.

The simple but effective "round hook" washer head can reach into places that are tight, dangerous or inaccessible. The washer grabs discs better than a hook, and from any angle. This "round hook" does not snag on limbs or vines near as much as actual hook style heads.

    The NEW Kwik-Stik Mini: 

    • The Mini is now comes with the "round hook". It is a great improvement over the old J hook and works regardless of angle. An additional benefit is that it doesn't snag limbs or vines as easily when walking through the woods.

    Warranty Information:  When used properly this device will more than pay for itself. However, eventual joint failure may occur due to buildup of debris in the water. Keep it wiped down and lubricated with a dry lube spray to extend its life.

    InZone warranties poles against manufacturing defects for 90 days. InZone DOES NOT warranty the poles against bending or breaking, as this is usually a user induced failure and not a defect.

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