InZone Kwik Stik XXL Replacement Frame Head



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You are purchasing the frame head only. This can only be sold to customers who have previously purchased a Kwik Stik XXL from Disc Republic, as a replacement for a lost/damaged frame head.

The NEW Kwik-Stik XXL combines both the patented head and simple hook into a single detachable head piece. The frame head is the easiest retriever made with a reach of up to 21-22 feet and collapses to just 17 inches. This is the highest quality retriever available on the market!

Quickly rotate the frame head to the simple hook for trees, brush, and briars.

  • Made of surgical stainless steel.
  • Easily carried in disc golf bags and carts.
  • Has a built-in hook to reposition discs when necessary for retrieval. This is important because discs are often in places making retrieval impossible with other retrievers.
  • The Kwik-Stik can be used in water, mud, grass, brush, trees, rocks, uneven terrain, and ice.
  • Can be used in a “search pattern” to even retrieve discs that are not visible.
  • It pays for itself!

The NEW Kwik-Stik XXL: 

  • A custom made stainless pole that is 4’ longer than the XL.
  • The 18’ pole is the longest stainless pole with a reach of 21’-22’ but still collapses to only 17”
  • The smallest sections are a larger diameter and thus stronger. The pole has improved internal joint components for better reliability.
  • The frame head can now be folded down against the pole to make it easier to carry.
  • When the frame head is folded with the hook end forward it can be used in trees and brush without attaching a simple hook.

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