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Spike-It Dip-N-Glo Unscented Markers



Want to change the color or pattern of your lures without the scent? Spike-It™ Unscented Markers quickly customize or change the color of any soft plastic lure to meet challenging water conditions or fish patterns. The simplicity of a marker makes lure alterations easier than ever. Sold in packs of 2 markers.

The following table lists various manufacturer disc plastics and how well dye can be applied:

  • Excellent - Overall best for dying, soak up dye well and don't fade or bleed too bad over time
  • Very Good - Don't soak up dye as easily, but hold up the best over time with very little bleeding or fading
  • Not Recommended - Soak up dye quite well, but start bleeding sooner than premium plastics
  • Poor - Very difficult to get a deep color and fade and bleed within weeks


Manufacturer Plastic Dye Rating
Innova Star Excellent
Innova GStar Excellent
Innova Champion Very Good
Innova Pro Plastic Not Recommended
Innova DX Poor
Dynamic Discs Fuzion Excellent
Dynamic Discs Lucid Very Good
Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Very Good
Dynamic Discs Prime Poor
Latitude 64 Opto Excellent
Latitude 64 Gold Excellent
Latitude 64 Retro Poor
Westside Tournament Excellent
Westside VIP Excellent
Westside Megasoft Poor
Westside BT Hard Poor
Discraft ESP Excellent
Discraft Elite Z Excellent
Discraft Crystal FLX LE Very Good
Discraft Titanium Very Good
Discraft Elite X Not Recommended
Discraft Pro-D Poor
Discraft Z FLX Poor
MVP Neutron Excellent
MVP Proton Very Good
MVP Electron Poor
Discmania S Line Excellent
Discmania C Line Very Good
Discmania D Line Poor


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