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PRO Chemical & Dye Flying Ace Disc Golf Dyeing Kit



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PRO Chemical & Dye Disc Golf Dyes is a powdered formula that is specially designed to produce vibrant colours and make permanent colour changes to your disc golf discs. Results may vary. The Flying Ace Disc Golf Dyeing Kit contains 12 beautiful colours. This kit has been designed exclusively for Disc Golf Dyers. 

Kits Include:
10 grams - DGD120 Dandelion
10 grams - DGD200 Deep Orange
10 grams - DGD310 Cherry
10 grams - DGD350 Flame Scarlet
10 grams - DGD401 Caribbean
10 grams - DGD405 Sonic Blue
10 grams - DGD510 Burnt Sienna
10 grams - DGD608 Onyx
10 grams - DGD770 Meadow
10 grams - DGD772 Aquatic Green
10 grams - DGD880 Iris
10 grams - DGD882 Pansy

Please note:  All colours in kits are pre-selected by manfacturer. Colours cannot be substituted.

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