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Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set

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The Dynamic Discs Prime Burst 3-Disc Golf Set is the perfect set for beginners who want to burst onto the disc golf scene. It comes with everything a new disc golfer needs to play disc golf, including a putter, a midrange and a driver from our Burst collection.

The mesmerizing discs will create a cool bursting effect in mid-air and make an amazing addition to your collection. Most of our starter sets come with discs that are 170g or heavier.

This set features a trio of high-quality discs from our Burst collection:

  • Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Breakout (Driver)
  • Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Warrant (Midrange)
  • Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge (Putter)

Prime Burst Breakout (8 / 5 / -1 / 1.5):  Do you like the Escape but find that it goes too far? The Breakout is the disc for you. It has the feel in your hand of a fairway driver but the easy release of a midrange. The Breakout is the slightly understable fairway driver from Dynamic Discs that you need when you have to have a bit more distance but you can't sacrifice accuracy. It will hold an anhyzer angle without turning over all the way to the ground and will fly dead straight if you tell it to.

Prime Burst Warrant (5 / 5 / -2 / 0):  The Warrant is the understable disc that our customers have been requesting. On stronger throws, it will hold the anhyzer angle for the whole flight without flipping over or rolling. When distance isn't the goal, the Warrant will hold just about any line that it is thrown on. It will be a fantastic disc for carving lines in the woods or getting around obstacles. It feels similar to the Verdict/Truth/Evidence but flies like nothing else we have. The Warrant has been issued for your high scores.

Prime Burst Judge (2 / 4 / 0 / 1):  This disc golf beginner set also includes one of our most popular disc golf putters for beginners, the Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge. Offering a max weight of 176g, this beginner-friendly disc is well-known for offering a lot of glide and providing a straight to stable finish. Exceptional grip allows for a comfortable throw every time.

Together, these three discs create a well-rounded beginner's disc golf set for new players .

About Prime Burst:
Prime will have an incredible feel and excellent grip even when the weather will compromise your hold on your favorite disc. With this line, our intention was to create a product that was affordable for beginners looking to test the disc golf waters.

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