FINAL NINE: A Disc Golf Card Game



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FINAL NINE is based on the same principle as physical DISC GOLF: get your DISC from the HOLE'S TEE PAD to its BASKET in the least number of THROWS, using SKILL, avoiding TROUBLE, and having LUCK.

Game Play in FINAL NINE follows a sequence of ACTIONS, inside which you make your decisions. Each player has a HAND of 9 cards, made up of any number of DISC or ACTION cards. Play them to determine your FLIGHT, and landing GRID, for each THROW, up/down or across each HOLE card.

To get from the TEE GRID to the BASKET GRID in FINAL NINE you must choose the DISC you want to use, add SKILL if you want, then THROW. Watch out for DEVIATIONS and CALLS though, as you may need to use some LUCK. Decide, THROW, and PUTT your way to finish the HOLE.

Scroll below to discover the Rules [STANDARD + BATTLE], the Levels of Play, Scoring, and Tips to help improve your shot selection, pick your lines, better your OUTCOMES, and lower your final SCORE. Also check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for all your gameplay questions:  FAQs.

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