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Glide is enabled and the target is locked. The simulation is still holding, let’s launch in t-minus 3, 2 … wait, Captain! These numbers are off the charts, this can’t be right, we’re reaching unheard of levels here. It has to be a Glitch! Presenting the Neutron Soft Glitch SE from Scott Oswalt! Taking some inspiration from old catch discs, but with a dash of modern touches and perhaps a glitch or two, the Glitch SE is truly eye-catching while in flight! The Glitch has the diameter of a putter and is PDGA approved too, making this hybrid catch disc ideal for a game of catch or as a glidey putt and approach disc. Add some style to your warm up routine with a Glitch SE!

Neutron Soft

  -  Neutron plastic is MVP/Axiom's highest quality plastic. It has the same durability properties as Proton plastic, but with a few advantages. Neutron plastic has improved grip. It is opaque in color which makes it easy to find on the course. Some molds are also available in soft neutron plastic.
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