Ocoopa UT2s - Rechargeable Hand Warmers & Power Bank



"We created UT2s with the idea that if you need to share your warmth with your friends, family and pals during the cold winter months, then UT2s can help."

4 levels of heating up to 136℉ - Choose the heating level that's most comfortable for you. MagTwins offers 4 levels of heating, from 100℉ to 136℉, to meet your needs in all conditions. The heater will remember the level you last chose, so you can easily turn on the same heat again.

Separated. Keep Both HandsToasty - MagTwins is composed of two identical hand warmers that can be attached together using built-in magnets. You'll have 2 stylish hand warmers after separating them. Perfect for sharing with family members or slipping into your pockets, holding one in each hand.

Snap on. Massive Heat inSleek Body. - You’ll have a sleek and compact hand warmer that produces massive heat after attach them together. The strong magnets keep the two hand warmers together, so you don't have to worry about it coming apart while you're on the go.

360 degree quick warming experience - Within 20% power density increased, MagTwins can produce a massive heat in 3 seconds. And its super durable, smooth, uni-body high grade brushed aluminum housing promotes heat retention and even heat distribution. This provides a 360 degree warming experience.

  • Battery Capacity:  5,000 mAh x 2
  • Charging Time:  2-4 Hours
  • Running Time:  Each 3-8 Hours
  • Item Weight:  225 Grams
  • Dimensions:  9.4 x 3.1 x 2.9 cm

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