PRO Chemical and Dye

PRO Chemical & Dye Beginners Disc Golf Dyeing Kit



PRO Chemical & Dye Disc Golf Dyes is a powdered formula that is specially designed to produce vibrant colours and make permanent colour changes to your disc golf discs. Results may vary. Beginners Disc Golf Dyeing Kit contains 6 beautiful colours. This kit has been designed exclusively for Disc Golf Dyers. 

Kits Include:
10 grams - D120 Sun Yellow
10 grams - D225 Clear Orange
10 grams - D360 Bright Red
10 grams - D459 Bright Blue
10 grams - D771 Fern
10 grams - D885 Lilac

Please note:  All colours in kits are pre-selected by manfacturer. Colours cannot be substituted.

This product qualifies for $5 shipping via letter mail 


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