Prism Neutron - 2024 OTB Open



Limit 1 per household
Limits are in place to ensure that all of our customers have the opportunity to secure this limited release. Thank you for respecting these limits. Orders that exceed these limits may be cancelled without warning.

Coming Soon - Thursday, May 04, 2023 at 11:00 pm CDT

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Speed 8, Glide 5, Turn -2, Fade 1 | The Trance is the newest disc in the MVP lineup.  Its suggested numbers are 8 | 5 | -2 | 1, however, closer to the actual release of this disc these numbers may change.  Be one of the first to get the inaugural release of the Trance for the OTB Open.

2024 OTB Open Fundraiser - “Music is its own language - if you don’t speak it, it’s hard to say what you’re trying to do.” - Zedd. Marm.O.Set brings the beat with art that will have you hypnotized throw after throw, and always wanting an encore. The Trance - debuting here in Prism Neutron plastic - is a reliable, slightly understable fairway driver that fits a really useful niche in Axiom’s lineup at a workable 8 | 5 | -2 | 1. Lower power players will have found their ideal fairway driver for straight-to-fade flights, and higher power players will find this to be a mesmerizing hyzer-flip dream. Fall into your own groove with the 2024 OTB Open Prism Neutron Trance!

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