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What is a Whale Sac?

A Whale Sac is a tie-on, whale-shaped grip bag that is designed to dry your wet/sweaty hands during activities and sports that require hand and finger grip. The tail will tie to your bag, belt loop, etc. for easy access. Grab a sac and roll it in your hands, between fingers, you also can rub onto your disc, equipment, etc. Filling: clay based stone/powder - non-rosin, cleaner than chalk. Comes in multiple fabrics/patterns.

Save the Whales!

3% of sales is donated to Save The Whales and run fundraiser events and sell special edition “Save The Whales Whale Sacs” where a portion of the proceeds go to help the whales. Please feel free to go donate if you’d like to help the cause.

The Creator

Whale Sacs are handmade by me, Tina Oakley now as we've grown, the whole family is helping out!  We are based out of Portland, OR. The beginning of Whale Sacs came about in my first year of playing disc golf in Wisconsin where the summers are hot and humid. My family is extremely creative, it runs in our genes so I've taken interest in numerous hobbies including disc golf, sewing, music, bowling, and many others, which led to the creation of the Whale Sac that exists today. Originally the Whale Sac was simply a square pouch with whale themed fabric, but over time it transformed into this Whale shaped, tie-on sac.

Tina section used to say "Tina 's dream is to be a touring professional disc golfer" but we've come a LONG way thanks to you and many supporters of Whale Sacs.  NOW I can happily write that I AM a touring Professional Disc Golfer! How cool is that!? My dream now is to spread these happy whales around the country and hopefully the world.  To follow the tour visit the WhalePants Facebook.

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